Message from the Chief Physician

drwithanageSethsuwa Pranajeewa is now a globally accepted cure, clinically proven and scientifically endorsed traditional medicine with a treasure of success stories. During my career gaining the world popularity for this medicine is the greatest achievement which would be beneficial not only for this country but also for the mankind.

In my university education I could study the formal system of Ayurveda and during my post-intern period it was a greater opportunity to follow the ancient traditional medical lore under an eminent practitioner. Therefore the legend of Sethsuwa Pranajeewa made a history in healing tradition and became a world-renowned Sri Lankan medicine blended with ancient wisdom and modern technology. My intention is to propagate the excellence of our traditional healing system by providing sustainable cure for suffering people in the world and support the researchers to innovate new products to get optimum outcomes from natural medicines.

I always believe in wisdom of my teachers and great forefathers who dedicated their lives for the advancement of the promotion of traditional systems of medicine. Similarly I respect all other medical systems committed for the health and wellbeing of mankind with which I wish to make Sethsuwa Pranajeewa to be a sacred gift to all human beings.

Dr Sujeewa Vitanage – Chief Physician and In-charge of Sethsuwa Hospitals Ltd.