Sethsuwa Pranajeewa

Sethsuwa Pranajeewa is a time-tested, globally credited and scientifically endorsed herbal medicine that has passed down from generation to generation in Sri Lankan traditional medicine. Sethsuwa Pranajeewa is an ancient formula inherited from a tradition over 200 years old and evidently proven natural solution for many kinds of diseases including Heart disease, Diabetes, hypertension, Cholesterol and Cancer etc. Sethsuwa Pranajeewa’s miraculous and efficacious properties has made it the ideal cure for a wider range of other ailments and conditions like paralysis, Asthma, Catarrh, Skin diseases etc.

Sethsuwa Pranajeewa is not merely an Ayurvedic medicine but a natural product based on Sri Lankan indigenous medical heritage and confirmed for it’s efficacy through clinical studies.

The medicinal properties and safety for human consumption of Sethsuwa Pranajeewa are thoroughly recorded by modern laboratory tests. Since all these scientific evidences and facts behind the effectiveness of this product Sethsuwa Pranajeewa could be described as a medicine, functional food or healing food or nutraceutical or any other category which supports to maintain the general wellness.

We invite you to go through information, records and testimonials to realize the miraculous efficacy of Sethsuwa Pranajeewa and be self-witnessed.

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